SecureTech spans the realms of Cyber and Physical security and branches into Compliance, Fraud, and Disaster prevention and recovery.

Some examples:

  1. Operationalizing GDPR

  2. Biosecurity and Forensics

  3. Tracking Shadow IT Inventory

  4. Managing Managed and Unmanaged Devices

  5. Credential stuffing and phishing attack prevention

  6. Real-time asset monitoring and alerting system that keeps risk managers informed about threats to their locations before disaster strikes.

“Attackers will become so sophisticated that they will be able to poison our training data in such a way that it has a significant impact on how a fraud-detection algorithm learns,” predicts Dr. Alejandro Correa, Cyxtera’s Chief Data Scientist

^ In layman’s terms? Fraudsters will create a huge amount of fake attacks, such as phishing or malware, that skew an algorithm’s learning, causing it to believe that this is how attacks are working now. Then, they will be able to send a highly targeted attack that is not flagged by the newly-poisoned AI algorithm thereby avoiding detection and raking in profits.

What we can do

Build customer validation through concentration on your product benefits to produce a sales machine, rather than a story told around your product features. Seeing it through the lens of your customer and what market research dictates isn’t enough; we dive deeper to understand what makes your prospects tick to de-risk your product and build a predictable customer pipeline for widespread interest from investors.


Investor Relations

  • Do-It-Yourself + Advisory

  • Complete packaging

  • Dedicated team

Customer Development

  • Discovery Sprints

  • Channel Sprints

  • Dedicated team

Growth & ScaleUp

  • Do-It-Yourself + Advisory

  • Hands-on + Advisory

  • Dedicated team


Who is a good fit

You have limited sales resources and no proof that your customer has the interest to buy. You don't know what investors are looking for to obtain funding.


Who isn’t

You think you and your team know enough about what the market wants and feel you can adapt accordingly in time to have fruitful conversations with investors.

Think you could use customer development help?