What is Product Development

[n] reach’s product development helps you get the validation you need that you are building the right thing - the right way - at the right time.  Our team of experts utilize the reach of strategic partners we have relationships with to identify specific product and technical growth opportunities.  We break product development down into three buckets: Minimum Sellable Product, Minimum Viable Product, and Minimum Scalable product - each equally important given the stage of growth your organization is at.  

What we can do

We help you tackle whatever product development challenge that is currently holding back your success, including, but not limited to:

  • Cloud Delivery

  • API Integration

  • Quality Assurance

  • User Experience

  • Architecture Review

  • Mobile App Development

  • Database Cleanup

  • Area specific support (frontend, backend, database, etc.)

  • Create tools and process for the future team you plan to hire


  • Design Audit

  • Design Sprint

  • Qualitative Research Sprint

  • Minimum Sellable Product

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • CTO as a Service

  • QA as a Service

  • Enterprise Innovation


Who is a good fit

You have created something that has a purpose - whether it’s working or broken, but you see the value in joining forces with an experienced team to build out your quality product quickly.


Who isn’t

You don’t have a budget to pay for development.  If you’re looking for straight resources to join on an equity basis, we can refer you to some resources.