LogisticsTech uses digital innovation to address the needs of the transportation industry and supply chains. The next generation of delivery and logistics management solutions are making global supply chains smarter, faster, more customer centric, and sustainable.

Some examples:

  1. Elastic logistics.

  2. Green logistics.

  3. Last mile delivery.

  4. Less than load market.

  5. Fleet and driver optimization.

  6. Goods tracking and provenance.

What we can do

Build customer validation through concentration on your product benefits to produce a sales machine, rather than a story told around your product features. Seeing it through the lens of your customer and what market research dictates isn’t enough; we dive deeper to understand what makes your prospects tick to de-risk your product and build a predictable customer pipeline for widespread interest from investors.


Build & Validate Sales System

  • Refine, profile and qualify target persona

  • Brand distinction, guidelines, and list building

  • Team optimization and efficiency

Momentum & Control

  • Coaching and sales scripts

  • Planning with additional marketing

  • Customer evaluation

Innovation & Agility

  • Adjust and revise the plan based on feedback

  • Research tools, trends, and new opportunities

  • New ideas and strategies


Who is a good fit

You have limited sales resources and no proof that your customer has the interest to buy. You don't know what investors are looking for to obtain funding.


Who isn’t

You think you and your team know enough about what the market wants and feel you can adapt accordingly in time to have fruitful conversations with investors.

Think you could use customer development help?