What is Investor Relations

[n] reach’s investor relations helps you align your company, not just your pitch to prospective interested investors.  Our other Sprints are designed to help you de-risk high-risk assumptions, create confidence in your target segments and offering, and overall unblock you in areas that are impeding your progress.  This step is for after our combined hard work and together we’ll decide you are fit-for-funding to begin engaging in Investor Relations.

What we can do

First, we target the right investors by stage, by sector, and who are open to new investments in your area.  Second, we put you in the driver seat to build your own investor CRM and network that’s most suitable. We help you to determine an investor’s preference with a team, product, or market and the types of evidence that will trigger more interest from them.  Also, many companies don’t possess a due-diligence process. Frequently we see issues with IP, legal, technical, and lack of sufficient recurring revenue, which we can fix as well.

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Investor Relations CRM

  • Define targets and seed your CRM

  • Actively build your CRM

Investor Materials & Coaching

  • 1-2 pagers, pitch deck, and fancier stuff as warranted

  • Practice and refinement post pitch


Who is a good fit

You have a limited number of investors to approach and or you're not sure how best to determine who will find you to be a great fit.  You're open to feedback on everything about your goto investor market.


Who isn’t

You think you're ready to talk to investors and just want someone to introduce you to them. You're not coachable from our standpoint or more so from an investor stand-point if they think that will or might be needed to make your deal work.

Think you could use investor relations help?