The Platformification of Banking is happening not just by startups but also by banks themselves repackaging to match customer preferences being formed, most notably by the megatrend of the consumerization of technology.  And it’s being felt at the highest of levels.

“Technology competence on Board level is not only a necessity, it will soon become indispensable for financial institutions.” -- Urs Rohner, chairman of the board of directors at Credit Suisse

“Digital transformation is no longer an option—it is a must.” -- Henri de Castries, former CEO of AXA:

2018 was a stellar year for fintech with over 1,700 deals worth nearly $40B were done in 2018 according to CBInsights.  Key highlights from 2018:

  1. Fintech is growing on a global scale with deals outside of core markets (US, UK, and China) accounting for 39% of deals.

  2. The US remained the top market for deals with 659 investments worth $11.89B funding, both a new annual high.

  3. There are now 39 VC-backed fintech unicorns worth a combined $147.37B.

A lot of activity is B2B.  Some examples:

  1. Making it easy to integrate to connect best in class features, products, and in general third-parties

  2. Generic and use-case specific Analytics

  3. Nich Marketplaces

Specific categories:

  • Blockchain / Crypto

  • Capital Markets

  • Insurance 

  • Lending

  • Money Transfer / Remittances

  • Mortgage / Real-Estate

  • Payments / Billing

  • Personal Finance

  • Regtech

  • Wealth Management

What we can do

Build customer validation through concentration on your product benefits to produce a sales machine, rather than a story told around your product features. Seeing it through the lens of your customer and what market research dictates isn’t enough; we dive deeper to understand what makes your prospects tick to de-risk your product and build a predictable customer pipeline for widespread interest from investors.

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Investor Relations

  • Do-It-Yourself + Advisory

  • Complete packaging

  • Dedicated team

Customer Development

  • Discovery Sprints

  • Channel Sprints

  • Dedicated team

Growth & ScaleUp

  • Do-It-Yourself + Advisory

  • Hands-on + Advisory

  • Dedicated team


Who is a good fit

You have limited sales resources and no proof that your customer has the interest to buy. You don't know what investors are looking for to obtain funding.


Who isn’t

You think you and your team know enough about what the market wants and feel you can adapt accordingly in time to have fruitful conversations with investors.

Think you could use customer development help?