Financing Options

Rapid Capital via an Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Personal Loans up to $300K which you can use as working capital for you startups, that’s based solely on credit and can be closed within 15 minutes. It’s a soft credit pull, so your credit won’t be effected, and the Banking Platform we work with, will bring you multiple offer. If you don’t like the terms or deal, you walk away. Everything stays the same. We have a few options so the best thing to do is to setup a time to talk to us here

Revenue Based Financing

Option 1: Funding $250K to $5M 1/10th TTM Revenues or 1X free cash flow. Unsecured investments in both public and private companies relying heavily on a company’s trailing twelve-month revenues, (as well as forward twelve-month) while not on their assets, or positive free cash flow. All out of pocket expenses covered and typically close transactions within 5-7 business days. Prepayment discounts 50%-30% in first half of investment… Take Action

Option 2: For SaaS companies with $1M ARR or equivalent MRR we may have more than one option for you. We’ll have a few questions for you before we can make a referral. If this sounds like you… Take Action

Pay on a Success Fee

Fundraising for investment capital on a success fee? We’re not in that business but, can refer you to folks who are. If this sounds like you… Take Action