What is Customer Development

If a startup is interested in obtaining funding quickly or looking for an early exit, investors need to see revenue growth. That is why we believe in sprinting to help founders conquer the challenges of customer development. We take a “get it done” approach to de-risking their sales opportunities and moving their product into the market, as fast as possible to gain feedback, adjust, and deliver the results they are looking to achieve.

[n] reach advantage

We focus on building customer validation through the concentration on your product benefits to produce a sales machine, rather than a story told around your product features. We examine how your customers view your product if it helps them reach their desires and how they see your brand perception. The market research that is out there isn’t enough! We dive deeper to understand what makes your prospects tick to de-risk your product and build a predictable customer pipeline. Setting the goal to turn your customers into promoters so we can reach a widespread interest from investors.

The solutions that we provide our clients concentrate on simple Sprint packages that are designed and crafted for your challenges in mind. [n] reach builds and validates a sales system, gains momentum and control, and provides innovation and agility. Precisely what your startup needs, essentially if you have limited sales and marketing resources. We deliver the proof that your customer has an interest to buy which is the fact that investors are looking to see for funding


  • Product Discovery -- know what you should be building. Don’t just let your team build to be busy (think technical and operational debt).

  • Segment Discovery -- know who you should start selling to first or next. Also learnings your investor expects you to be able to share.

  • Partner Discovery -- go-to-market leverage.

  • Sales Acceleration -- Sales Leadership, CRM, SDR, UpSell, Referral.

  • Sales Optimization -- Sales Ops, Sales Enablement, Sales Training, Sales Forecasting.

Build & Validate Sales System

  • Refine, profile and qualify target persona

  • Brand distinction, guidelines, and list building

  • Team optimization and efficiency

Momentum & Control

  • Coaching and sales scripts

  • Planning with additional marketing

  • Customer evaluation

Innovation & Agility

  • Adjust and revise the plan based on feedback

  • Research tools, trends, and new opportunities

  • New ideas and strategies


Who is a good fit

You have limited sales resources and no proof that your customer has the interest to buy. You don't know what investors are looking for to obtain funding.


Who isn’t

You think you and your team know enough about what the market wants and feel you can adapt accordingly in time to have fruitful conversations with investors.

Think you could use customer development help?