Ag & FoodTech

A lot of AgTech boils down to ‘Smart Farming’ which is a farming management concept using modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products. Farmers in the 21st century have access to GPS, soil scanning, data management, and Internet of Things technologies. By precisely measuring variations within a field and adapting the strategy accordingly, farmers can greatly increase the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers, and use them more selectively. Similarly, using Smart Farming techniques, farmers can better monitor the needs of individual animals and adjust their nutrition correspondingly, thereby preventing disease and enhancing herd health.

Some examples:

  1. Sustainable supply chain from soil to consumption.

  2. Precision farming to a complete farming operating system.

  3. Supply chain optimization including settlement, payment, provenance, and security.

  4. Optimizing all inputs that go into forming from nutrients to seeds to equipment to financing that support a more resilient, economically viable for more participants, and long-term environment and business sustainability.

Food Tech according to Soil Wealth, a report published by Croatan Institute, finds that 70 investments in U.S.-based regenerative agriculture-related projects have been made worth $47.5 billion. The Good Food Institute and Plant Based Foods Association’s most recent figures found plant-based food market value to hit $4.5 billion, with sales growing 11% in the past year.

Some examples:

  1. Lab grown food.

  2. Plant based foods.

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